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Main Series

Harem Boy, Part 1

Koiya is captured and brought by a slave trader to the capital city of Maredonia to be sold as a harem boy. He attracts the attention of the region’s two wealthiest noblemen–who also happen to be rivals. Eager to please his new Master, Lord Valgard, Koiya becomes the man’s Favorite harem boy. But when put to the test, will Koiya betray his new Master to gain his freedom? Find out in Kira Takenouchi’s engaging tale, Harem Boy.

Moon Over Atlantis, Part 1

Antony’s prophetic dreams see the fate of Atlantis. But what of his own destiny? Find out when Antony encounters the magnificent Prince Varro in Kira Takenouchi‚Äôs beautiful, romantic, and highly erotic tale, Moon Over Atlantis, Part 1.

Shiiki, Part 1

Shiiki was found near the village of Koyatun and as an infant was raised among the Koyatuni. But somehow the gentle, pale, blond boy never really fit in among the fierce warrior tribesmen. He is constantly punished by his caretaker, Po Ju. But when Po Ju becomes too old to punish him properly, Shiiki is horrified to find himself hauled before the handsome and powerful Cuulain, the strongest warrior in the tribe. Nothing is ever quite the same after that fateful visit.

In the Headmaster’s Chambers, Part 1

Not a week after being admitted midterm to Valemont Academy for Distinguished Young Men, Kyoshi is sent to Headmaster Sho Mitsuwa for discipline. What happens behind the closed doors of Mitsuwa’s private chambers? Find out in Kira Takenouchi’s salaciously controversial yaoi novel, In the Headmaster’s Chambers, Part 1.

Once A Chieftain, Part 1

The chieftain Kjartan has brought home another slave to his homestead in Iceland. But this time, rather than the usual female concubine, he’s chosen Meshika, a mysterious Radimichian boy from the forests north of Kiev. Set in Viking-Age Iceland, Kira Takenouchi’s Once A Chieftain explores the constraints societies place on human relations, and what one man is willing to give up to partake in forbidden love.

The Boy from Braxton Creek, Part 1

Professor Galen Willoughby finds himself drawn into a world of secrets and darkness when he meets up with an elusive former student named Seth Gentry, in Kira Takenouchi’s thrilling tale, The Boy From Braxton Creek, Part 1.

Tristan’s Reform

Tristan first meets Alexander when he is a child and the man babysits for him and gives him a spanking he’ll never forget. Now, as a young man, he bumps into Alexander again, and hires him to “reform” him.


Ashar is captured and taken before Lord Varador, who wants him for his unusual powers over animals. But why are all the animals in the kingdom becoming so unmanageable?

Taming Riki, Vol 1, Part 1

Volume I, Part 1. Iason Mink: Jupiter’s Golden Boy, Head of the Syndicate, and the ultimate Amoian Elite. When Tanagura’s leading Blondie takes on a new Pet, all of Eos is abuzz with the news. His choice is none other than Riki the Dark, the infamous gang leader of Bison, a mongrel with no respect for Iason’s rank or authority. What will it take to tame the notorious wild boy of Midas? Note from the Publisher: Thank you to Rachel Livingston from DMP for permission to publish Taming Riki. Rieko Yoshihara and DMP retain the copyright to Ai no Kusabi, which Kira strongly encourages you read before, or in conjunction with, Taming Riki.